Once you’ve decided to take a trip, you may ask if you need travel health insurance. In most cases, the answer should be yes. Some European countries require travel health insurance, yet standard medical insurance may not cover medical needs while traveling to certain countries.

Need for Travel Health Insurance

Unexpected accidents and illnesses could take place while you’re traveling and your medical insurance may not cover you. It’s important to have a travel health insurance policy in place to cover costs associated with ambulance rides, hospital stays, illnesses or other medical accidents.

Travel Health Insurance Coverage

Travel health insurance included in your travel insurance policy will cover many medical emergencies. Accidents and emergency medical or dental care can be included in travel insurance policies. Hospitals can work directly with your travel insurance provider during emergency situations involving costly procedures or overnight stays. For quick visits to a doctor, you can bring slips back with you to be reimbursed.

Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage

Many pre-existing conditions are covered in travel health insurance with cancellation coverage, depending on the company you buy the coverage from and how recently you’ve been treated for the condition. Some companies will not cover pre-existing conditions, so make sure to discuss options with various companies before determining what travel health insurance plan fits your travel needs.

Travel Health Insurance for Elderly

In many cases, purchasing travel health insurance for travelers older than 70 years old can be expensive. Check with your travel insurance agent to ensure your medical needs are being met. Some policies have specific language for elderly travelers. Consider pre-existing medical conditions, activities you want to participate in and the length of your stay when determining coverage.

Regular Medical Insurance May Not Cover Your Trip or Accident

If your regular medical insurance policy does not cover you while traveling to your specific destination, then you should consider travel health insurance. In some cases, although you may have health insurance coverage, they may not cover the treatment facility you visit occur while overseas. Many travel health insurance plans will reimburse such emergency expenses, regardless of the hospital you are treated at.

Medical Emergency Evacuation

Another positive to travel health insurance is the coverage for the possibility of being medically evacuated. For example, if you’re planning an extended hiking trip or visiting a remote country, you may have to be medically evacuated if an injury occurs. This could be a very high cost without travel health insurance.

Travel health insurance is a necessity when planning a trip to cover much potential for high out-of-pocket expenses related to illness and medical emergencies. Accidents can happen, so it is best to be prepared with travel health insurance.