Searching for a company that has travel insurance for Schengen visa in Nigeria is a must when planning to visit one of the 26 countries included in the Schengen area. If you’re planning to travel with a visa to any of the Schengen countries, you are required to have accredited travel insurance to enter the country.

The Schengen Embassies

Travel insurance for Schengen visa is required by all countries within the Schengen Embassies, including Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Malta, Iceland, Luxemburg, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Poland.

Finding Travel Insurance For Schengen Embassies in Nigeria

Not all travel insurance agencies have policies for travel insurance for Schengen embassies in Nigeria. Review the company and accreditation to ensure the Schengen country you’re visiting accepts policies from the company. Talk with the agent or review the policy online to determine if Schengen embassies are included.

Requirements for Travel Insurance For Schengen Visa in Nigeria

Before a visa for Schengen countries can be issued, the traveler must establish a travel insurance policy. The policy must be issued by an accredited Schengen insurance company and has to be valid in the Schengen country you’re planning to visit. The policy must include coverage of expenses for illnesses, accidents, medical needs and possible repatriation up to $30,000 Euros. The policy must be valid for the entire length of your trip. The policy must be presented if the visa has been approved.

Purchasing Travel Insurance for Schengen Visa in Nigeria

Make sure to purchase your travel insurance for Schengen visa in Nigeria well in advance of your trip. Some countries will offer travel insurance upon arrival, but it is safer to purchase your travel insurance from an accredited company in Nigeria before leaving. You can review options online or talk with a local insurance agent to determine the insurance coverage you will need.

Why is Travel Insurance Required?

Travel insurance is required for Nigerians who are traveling to the Schengen embassies. Most standard health insurance will not cover pre-existing condition and medical needs while visiting such countries, so the Schengen embassies make it mandatory to include health coverage in your travel insurance plan.

Review the Schengen Embassy’s Recommendations

Each Schengen Embassy accepts specific travel insurance companies. Travelers should review the embassy’s requirements before purchasing travel insurance. Most embassies will recommend specific companies to use and provide other resources. Embassies will only accept travel insurance companies that they are affiliated with, so it’s important for travelers to do the research before purchasing a plan.

Looking for travel insurance for Schengen visa in Nigeria can be complicated, but not if you understand the needs of the country you are traveling to. The Schengen embassies require Nigerians traveling with visas to have travel insurance, so it’s important to make sure your travel insurance is from an affiliated Schengen insurance company.