It can be difficult to find travel insurance companies in Nigeria that offer quality plans for travelers. Travel insurance is offered in a variety of plans, and Nigerians should consider discussing options before planning a trip. Below is a list of the leading travel insurance companies in Nigeria. This list is however not comprehensive as there are lots of other top notch Insurance companies offering travel insurance policy such as Cornerstone Insurance, that will not be covered in this article.

AIICO Travel Insurance

AIICO Insurance offers a policy that makes the company one of the top travel insurance companies in Nigeria. The policy includes repatriation of mortal remains and sudden illness. AIICO Travel is accepted by all Schengen embassies. AIICO Insurance is also the largest Life Insurer in Nigeria.

LEADWAY Assurance Insurance

As one of the most popular travel insurance companies, LEADWAY Assurance offers travel insurance that covers medial, financial and other losses that may take place while traveling. LEADWAY’s travel insurance policy also covers travelers for holiday and business purposes in the event of accidents, sickness and loss of property. The insurance policy covers travelers up to age 70, with an extension up to 85 years.

MUTUAL Benefits Assurance Plc

Among the top travel insurance companies in Nigeria is Mutual Benefits Assurance, who offers coverage on medical, financial and other losses acquired while traveling outside of Nigeria. The insurance package provides coverage for travelers up to age 85 and covers travel during holidays and business trips. Coverage is also included for emergency medical needs, loss or theft of belongings, money, evacuation and expulsion.

Zenith Insurance

As one of the largest travel insurance companies, Zenith Insurance offers two different plans for travelers. The Schengen Travel Insurance Plan is designed to meet the requirements for visa insurance. This medical travel insurance plan includes 24-hour emergency services anywhere in the Schengen embassies. Benefits include hospitalization stays, ambulance rides, medical evacuation and arrangements in the case of death. There are two options available in the Schengen Travel Plan: the single trip option, covering from 3 – 62 days, and the multiple trip option, covering 90 – 365 days and multiple trips. Zenith also offers the Worldwide Travel Insurance Plan that covers travel to anywhere in the world except for the country of residence. The plan includes up to one month per trip and there is no cost limit to this policy. There are also two options: the Annual Policy, which covers trips for up to one month, and the Single Trip Policy, which covers one trip up to 12 months.

Linkage Assurance

Linkage Assurance offers a range of travel insurance products, making it one of the most functional travel insurance companies in Nigeria. The company tailors travel insurance policies to meet the needs of their clients. Linkage offers plans that format to Schenghen visa applications, as well as other travel requirements.

When reviewing policies with travel insurance companies, travelers should make note of their specific needs and ensure the policy covers it. Be sure to consult with a travel insurance company about the plans that fit your traveling needs before you take flight.