Travel insurance is typically an afterthought for travelers, but travel insurance for Nigerian residents may be required for some destinations. Travel insurance can potentially save money if an unexpected issue arises during a trip abroad.

Required Travel Insurance Nigerian Residents

Nigerians traveling with a visa are required to have travel insurance when traveling to the Schengen Embassies. The counties include Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Malta, Iceland, Luxemburg, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Poland. The travel insurance must be from an accredited insurance company and valid in all Schengen countries to cover expenses for illnesses, accidents, medical treatment and possible deportation.

Travel Insurance Should Include Medical Coverage

The most important aspect to travel insurance is the medical expenses coverage. Some medical insurance policies do not include travel in traditional medical insurance plans. Travel insurance Nigerian residents seek should include medical coverage for expenses related to emergencies and pre-existing conditions. Most medical insurance plans do not cover pre-existing conditions if older than 65 years old when traveling. Medical expenses incurred during a trip can be covered by travel insurance. Check with your medical insurance provider about the coverage you have in place before determining your travel insurance needs.

Options of Travel Insurance Nigerian Residents Need

Aside from medical coverage, travel insurance Nigerian residents need should include other unexpected events, such as lost or stolen personal items and weather-related incidents. Travel insurance policies can cover expenses for lost or stolen luggage, canceled or delayed trips, evacuation due to weather circumstances and other travel-related funds.

Finding Travel Insurance Nigerian Residents Can Purchase

Travel insurance Nigerian residents can purchase can be found in a variety of places. Check the Internet for reliable insurance companies and do a search of local providers. Determine if you need a travel insurance policy from an accredited company before purchasing insurance. Talk with a travel agent about the best place to purchase travel insurance with competitive prices. Do not purchase generic insurance from an online clearinghouse. Travelers should be able to speak to a representative and customize their travel insurance plan based on their desired trip.

Choosing a Single or Yearly Policy

Travel insurance Nigerian residents need depends on the length of travel. Those who travel frequently should purchase travel insurance that covers all trips during the year. In this case, a yearly policy would be more effective. The insurance premium of the policy is based on the value of the policy and will cover the entire year, including all trips taking place. An insurance agent can help develop a plan that suits the traveler’s needs.

Single trip travel insurance policies Nigerian residents need are for one, sole trip. The cost is based on the trip’s value and policies are easy to write. Travelers should consult with an insurance agent to determine the most sensible plan for a trip.

Travel insurance can save money for Nigerian residents, as well as offer peace of mind while traveling overseas. A travel insurance policy will protect Nigerians while traveling by covering the cost of personal items, unexpected happenings, medical emergencies or other travel-related mishaps.