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Multi Trip Vs. One Trip Insurance

As you prepare to take flight on a trip, purchasing travel insurance is a wise choice. Yet, it begins with determining if you need multi trip or one trip travel insurance. Here are a few ideas to help make the decision easier.

One Trip Travel Insurance Overview

One trip insurance plans provide coverage for up to 183 days while you are traveling and are a smart choice for those planning a single trip, those planning a flexible or extended trip or those not planning to travel outside of Africa.

Multi Trip Insurance Plan Overview

Multi trip insurance plans include coverage for anyone who makes frequent trips outside of Nigeria, such as business travelers, students and those planning many trips throughout the year. Coverage includes 4 – 75 days with no limits on the number of trips within the year.

Limitations of Multi and One Trip Travel Insurance Plans

There are a few limitations to consider when determining if multi or one trip travel insurance meets your travel needs. While one trip travel insurance does not have many – if any – limitations on travel, multi trip plans typically always have a limit on the length of travel for coverage. Some multi trip policies do not have coverage for trip cancellations or delays. Additionally, most multi trip plans will not cover lost or stolen baggage.

One Trip Travel Insurance Covers Trip with Multiple Destinations

If you’re planning one trip with stops at various countries or destinations, you can still purchase one trip insurance. Single trip insurance plans typically require you to list the country that you will be visiting the longest. If you’re planning to visit a country that is considered a restricted country, it is important to list that country to ensure you have coverage.

What is Covered

Whether you choose multi or one travel trip insurance, it is important to ensure a few basic needs are covered, such as medical expenses, baggage protection and cancellation insurance.

Cost of Multi and One Trip Travel Insurance

When looking at multi and one trip travel insurance, one should also consider the premiums associated with each. Most often, a traveler will pay a lower premium for a multi trip policy as opposed to many one trip travel insurance policies. It is important to do a price comparison on each plan based on how many trips or length of travel you are planning.

Benefits of One Trip Travel Insurance

One trip travel insurance is a good choice for those planning a holiday trip or fun trip abroad. It’s typically cheaper than a multi trip annual plan and can cover a lot more needs. Single trip plans are more specific and cover illness, injury, cancellations and loss of personal items or baggage.

Multi and one trip insurance policies both have benefits. Based on your desired length of stay, frequency of trips and coverage you need, choosing the right policy should be easy. Just make sure you are insured when traveling.