Preparing for an upcoming trip is hectic enough, and then there is a need to find a travel insurance company. Understanding the travel requirements of the country you’re visiting and the insurance coverage you need will help determine the best travel insurance company and plan.

Is the Company a Recognized Travel Insurance Company?

Find out if the travel insurance company you’re considering is recognized internationally, or at least by the country you are visiting. Determine if the travel insurance policy includes traveling to the country you are visiting, as well.

What’s Included in the Medical Coverage?

Most travel insurance companies have policies that include medical emergencies. Yet, not all medical emergencies are covered. It’s also important to ask the company if your plan will include coverage of any expenses related to a pre-existing medical condition you have.

Are my Personal Belongings, Luggage, Money and Documents Covered?

Ask the travel insurance company about the policy relating to the loss of personal possessions, money, luggage and documentation. Reading the terms and conditions of your policy relating to such items will help you determine if you need to increase coverage based on your needs.

Is Personal Liability and Accidents Covered?

Unexpected accidents may happen, so it’s important to ask the travel insurance company about personal liability. The coverage should include expenses for property damage or personal injury. This is an important part, as accidents can become pretty pricey when traveling.

Is there a Refund Policy?

Read over the entire policy, including the refund section in small print. A reliable travel insurance company will offer some sort of refund if you cancel within a certain timeframe. Most companies, however, will not provide a refund if you cancel within a short time frame.

Will you Match a Price?

Do some research and see if another travel insurance company is offering the same plan for a lower price. Ask the company you’re working with if they will match the competitor’s price. Often times, the travel insurance company won’t want to loose your business and will meet the price of the competitor. Make sure you have documentation to prove the other company is offering the plan at a lower price.

Single Trip or Yearly Plan?

If you’re traveling multiple times throughout a year, most likely for business or a family that enjoys traveling, ask the travel insurance company if they offer a yearly travel insurance plan. The premium can be paid up front to cover all costs associated with all the trips you’re planning within the year.

Who Can I Contact?

When choosing a travel insurance company, ask for information on who to contact in case of an emergency or insurance need during your trip. You should have contacts in both your resident country and the country you are visiting to help assist with medical emergencies, travel issues and other problems that may arise.

By understanding what questions to ask the travel insurance company, you are more inclined to purchase a plan that fits your specific needs. A proper policy will also help ensure no surprises arise during your trip.