There are many travel insurance companies offering cheap Schengen visa insurance. Navigating the maze of offerings can be difficult, but travelers should know what insurance is accepted by the Schengen country destination to secure the best price.

Online Insurance Companies Offer Cheap Schengen Visa Insurance

The best route for Nigerian travelers is to look into online insurance companies. Such agencies offer cheap Schengen visa insurance to many. Work with online companies that specializes in Schengen insurance and make sure your country of destination accredits them.

Costs of Schengen Visa Insurance

Finding cheap Schengen visa insurance will vary depending on your age, length of travel and the number of travelers in your group. Prices range from short stays of roughly .85 – 30 euros a person to 180-day stays of nearly 300 – 1,25 euros a person.

Cheap Schengen Visa Costs Depend on Type of Travel

Depending on what sort of traveler you are, the cost of your Schengen visa may vary. Visitors, guests, business travelers and tourists who are under 64 years old and staying anywhere between 8 – 183 days could pay around 13 euros a day. Business travelers, other tourists, employees, exchange students or those traveling for 8 – 365 days could pay around 1,25 euros.

Accredited Insurance Companies will Help Meet Requirements

The travel insurance company that you are working with should make sure that your travel insurance policy will meet all the requirements of the Schengen visa participating country that you are visiting, as well as Nigeria’s requirements. Most online accredited companies have competitive prices and will offer cheap Schengen visa insurance to meet the requirements needed.

Compare Schengen Visa Insurance Prices Online

In order to find cheap Schengen visa insurance, travelers should compare various accredited insurance agencies basic prices online. Most companies will advertise that they comply with Schengen requirements and are accepted by the Schengen countries. Review a Schengen visa travel insurance plan that meets your needs on each website and keep tally of prices to determine the best price.

Understand what the Policy Does and Does Not Cover

As with most insurance policies, make sure you understand what the travel insurance policy covers and does not cover. There are many requirements by the Schengen countries, so be sure all such requirements are being met in your travel insurance plan. It’s important to compare the benefits of all researched plans to determine the best and cheap Schengen visa insurance available.

Talk with the Insurance Provider about Additional Costs

Once you’ve narrowed your search to a few insurance companies, discuss options with a customer service representative to determine who is offering cheap Schengen visa insurance. Some policies may have additional medical costs or other requirements that are needed by the Schengen country of your destination.

Make Sure the Policy Includes Medical Insurance

One of the main requirements of Schengen embassies is that your travel insurance includes medical coverage. Review cheap Schengen visa insurance plans carefully to determine if medical expenses are covered. It is important to have medical coverage included in your travel insurance policy, as it’s required by all 26 Schengen embassies.