Finding comprehensive travel insurance can be tricky, but not if you know what to look for in a travel insurance plan. There are millions of companies and policies available, but picking a plan that suits your travel needs is essential.

Medical Coverage

The first step to having a comprehensive travel insurance plan is to make sure it includes specific medical coverage. Health insurance policies may not cover you while traveling, so it’s important to read the fine print of medical coverage in your travel insurance plan. Pay close attention to the list of activities covered in the basic travel insurance policy and which countries such activities are covered in. Most travel insurance plans will not cover pre-existing conditions, so you may need to search and ask if you need such coverage. It will probably come with an additional fee.

Personal Belongings, Money and Documents

Comprehensive travel insurance policies will include language about reimbursements for loss of personal possessions, money, luggage or documents. Some policies do not include stolen belongings, but such coverage can be purchased for an additional fee. Make sure your policy covers the loss of a visa or passport as well.

Personal Accidents and Liability

We all know that mistakes can arise when traveling. Unfortunately, sometimes those accidents happen with other people or property. A detailed comprehensive travel insurance plan should have a personal liability section dedicated to coverage of property damage or personal injury. This is a feature you should most certainly include in your travel insurance policy, as accidents can become very pricey without coverage.

Cancellation Terms

Most comprehensive travel insurance policies will include terms and conditions related to cancellations. You may need to cancel a trip due to a family emergency or unseen circumstance, so understanding the cancellation terms will help. Typically, the cancellation covers airfare costs, but can also cover non-refundable tickets. Cancellation terms usually expire within a certain time frame of your trip, so place close attention to how much time you have for refunds.

Extended Coverage

Some comprehensive travel insurance plans include extended coverage once you’ve returned home. Some policies cover up to one month of your return. This allows travelers to settle back into daily routine with less stress.

The Full Comprehensive Travel Insurance Policy

The full comprehensive travel insurance policy will include coverage for any unexpected expenses that could happen during a trip. Comprehensive coverage should include medical needs, delayed or cancelled flights, evacuations, lost luggage, personal belongings or documentations and personal liability or accidents.

To secure a comprehensive travel insurance policy to meet your traveling needs, discuss options with a travel insurance agent. Covering yourself during a trip is the key to having a relaxing, enjoyable journey – and it all starts with a comprehensive travel insurance policy.